There are some strategies that you can adopt to deploy your application, the deployment strategies depend on the business model and organization goal.

Well, first of all, when you are choosing your deployment strategy, you should take into consideration the following topics:

  • Deployment time;
  • Zero Downtime (Yes/No);
  • Rollback;
  • Extra costs;
  • Reduction in current capacity;

Deployment strategies

Updates the application version without replacing any infrastructure components. Basically, all the instances are stopped, and then the latest version is installed.


  • Application availability is affected;
  • Rollback (You need to install again the old version);

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Here you are going to learn how to initialize, configure, deploy and host an AWS Amplify Console, served via Amazon CloudFront to host static resources for your web application.

Architecture Overview

In this article, you are going to learn the best alternative for you to build and host your website. There are at least 4 alternatives for hosting your application on AWS. There is no correct one, it depends on your final goal.

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This is the easiest way to launch a low-cost website using AWS.

Typically the best for low to medium traffic websites with multiple authors and more frequent content changes, such as marketing websites, content websites, or blogs.

Basically, you build your website just with a few clicks, you choose the platform (Linux or Windows), SSD storage, a blueprint…

AWS Lambda does not natively support TypeScript. In this article, you are going to learn how to create a Typescript Lambda.

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, meaning all valid JavaScript code is also valid TypeScript code. As the name says Type+Script, adds optional static typing to the language.

TypeScript saves you time catching errors and providing fixes before you run code, which makes this a great framework to write your lambda function.

So you write code in TypeScript and then it’s converted in Node.js.

A Node.js lambda has better spin-up times than C# or Java.

Let's go for what…

You can use your own domain with Amazon for authentication. For this tutorial, I am going to use an external domain and not use route 53.

So, basically, you can set up a custom domain using route 53 or use another external provider for DNS management. As I already have a purchased domain and I was using another external provider for DNS management, it does not make sense to start all over again using route 53, so we are going to set up our Cognito with another external provider. I believe there are a lot of people in my situation.


Microsoft already has a setup installer extension, that will add a new project type to Visual Studio, and then you can configure your setup.

Step by Step

1 — Open your solution on Visual Studio;

2 — Add a new project;

3 — Select Setup Wizard (Please install the extension first);

Add new project Wizard

4 — Set a project name;

5 —CLick create button;

6 — A File System (Setup) should appear;

If you missed the previous article about how to secure your .net desktop application, please check this link. There you will find why is so important to obfuscate your software.

Step by step

1 — Open your solution on Visual Studio or create a new one;

2 — Change the build solution to Release mode;

3 — Signs the assembly with a strong name;

  • Open project on Visual Studio;
  • Select the project, right-click and properties;
  • Go to the Signing tab;
  • Check Sign the assembly;
  • Select New;
  • Insert a key file name (do not insert a password, Dotfuscator do not use key files with…

Why protection matters

  • Harder to reverse-engineer;
  • Protect intellectual property;
  • Prevent tampering;
  • Code Flow Obfuscation, the final result are the same but is difficult to understand why code takes some direction;
  • Anti-Debug, most obfuscators protect against debug attachers;
  • Some obfuscators also optimize your code (remove unuseful metadata, unused code, compression);
  • Sign Assemblies (prevent a malicious user replaces an assembly in your program with a different assembly);
  • Data transformation, renaming variables, class names, string values…


  • Sign Assemblies
  • Code Obfuscator

Sign Assemblies

This is really important to avoid potential security vulnerabilities in your software.

Strong-name signing gives a software component a globally unique identity, that consists of the…

Set Up the AWS Command Line

1 — Download the AWS CLI MSI installer

2 — Run the installer

3 — Open command line and type: aws --version

4 — Add a named profile

  • Open CLI and type: aws configure
  • For the AWS Access Key ID
  • Go to AWS Console and then My Security Credentials

This tutorial aims to be simple and quick because I notice some difficulty/doubts on the internet about the many-to-many relationship, nothing better than a simple example.

A many-to-many relationship between two entities represents a one-to-many from both sides, i.e. Contact and Skill entities.

  • A contact can have one or more skills
  • A skill can be present in one or more contacts

This is a simple and very fundamental question to Entity Framework Core many-to-many relationships.

Hands on!

You can find the full solution in my repository.

A contact can have one or more skills and skill can belong to one or more…

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